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We’re on a mission to make renting a simple and affordable experience for tenants and landlords. Welcome to Zappyrent.

Some traditions are worth honouring. The way we rent a home isn’t one of them. For too long, the rental industry has been complicated, expensive, and fraught with scams. Tenants are charged indecent amounts of money for simple tasks, while landlords lose out on precious time and income thanks to a system that works for just one group — estate agents.

Founded in 2019, Zappyrent is a mid- to long-term home rental platform, which puts control back in the hands of tenants and landlords. We’re a full-service platform, meaning we handle everything from the listing, to confirming contracts, deposits, and rental payments.

We started Zappyrent because we were tired of being screwed over. For every tenant and landlord who knows that there’s a better way to rent… welcome home.






LINO Co-founder & CEO
Graduated in Università Cattolica, studies in Statistics at Stanford (USA), Southampton (UK) and CASS (UK). He managed more than 25 apartments during his university time.
ANTONINO Co-founder & Head of Growth
Master in Financial Engineering at Imperial College of London. He worked as Exotic Derivatives Structurer for Commerzbank in the city of London.



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